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Knit (Circular knit) Garments Fabrication:

  • S/J, Pique, 1x1 rib, 2x1 rib, 2x2 rib, Varied Rib, Auto Stripes, Waffle Knit, Fleece, Terry Fleece, Ottoman, Interlock, Honey Comb etc.
  • Cotton combed & carded, Polyester, CVC, TC, Viscose, Cotton / Elastic, Slab yarn, Organic Cotton, Fare trade Cotton, Recycled polyester etc.
  • Pigment, rubber, puff, high density, glitter, studs, stones, crack, foil, sticker etc.

Shirts fabrication:

Poplin, Polyester micro fiber, Flannel, Print, yarn dyed, check etc. Mesh, Calico, Burn-out, Velour

Woven pants fabrication:

Denim regular, slab, ring-slab, stretch denim twill, stretch twill, broken twill, rib stop, Canvas, Herringbone etc.

Sweater (Both Course and Fine gauges):

  • Both Hands knitted and computerized Intarsia and jacquard Argyle sweaters in jersey, rib, Milano etc.
  • Acrylic, Cotton, Merino wool, Shetland wool (hand washable & machine washable), Cashmere like ( Piece dyeing/ deep dyeing)
  • Acrylic / Wool / Cotton blended yarn, Cotton / Viscose yarn, Cotton / Modal yarn
  • Cotton / Nylon / Spandex yarn Cotton / Cashmere blended yarn
  • Acrylic / Nylon, Acrylic / Cotton tape yarn / Tube yarn, Cotton / Nylon / Viscose
  • Cotton / Linen yarn, Cotton space dyed yarn, Mohair, Angora etc.

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